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Top Five Gold Shops in Dubai

Dubai is known to be arguably the best city where one can purchase high-quality gold ornaments. There is no dearth of varieties in gold shops in Dubai. You have the flexibility to dig through the vast inventory of any reliable gold shop. But it is a good idea to know about the reputable gold shops from where you can shop. When you are aware of the shop names and brands, it becomes easier to purchase gold at a competitive rate. You can get relevant details from this blog about five such shops selling gold in Dubai.

Anvar Luxury

It is regarded as among the best gold shops in the city. The shop has goodwill in the market as a seller of refined ornaments made from 22K and 24K gold. As a buyer, you get an assurance of authenticity from the brand trademark. You can purchase any gold product from necklaces to solitaire rings to earrings to bangles. The prices it offers are competitive complying with the market standards.

Joyalukkas Jewelry

It is another gold shop in Dubai that has a good reputation among the buyers. You can conveniently buy a wide range of gold ornaments from the shop without any hassle. The shop also has a wonderful loyalty program that helps reduce the budget of your purchase. It is regarded as one of the top gold brands globally.

Malabar Golds and Diamonds

If you are searching for a reliable store that has specialization in selling ornaments made of both gold and diamond, then this is the perfect destination in Dubai. You would be pleased to know that the shop has lots of varieties of ornaments suitable to be worn for any occasion – from formal corporate parties to casual outings with friends.

Damas Jewelry

The range of ornaments found in this shop is extensive, too, when you compare it with the gold products available in other similar shops in Dubai. The price tags of the gold products are competitive and there are no hidden costs. The brand has a good, solid network of shops.


It is yet another top-rated gold shop in the city that you can consider when planning to buy classy, elegant gold ornaments. In this case, too, the range is prolific, and you are bound to be impressed with the exciting varieties of gold products available at competitive rates.

Buy Gold Ornaments from the Best Shop

When you are in Dubai and thinking of buying gold ornaments from the best shop, consider Anvar Luxury Jewellery. There are tons of varieties of ornaments available in the stock. The brand has an excellent reputation in Dubai. You will have no shortage of choices.